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Diane Gordon

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I am a Registered Nurse working at a local hospital since 1980 to the present. I have not had Surgery until Right Rotator Cuff Surgery.

On our home treadmill in early Feb 2012, I paused the treadmill and when I returned and got on, it was moving and threw me. I tried to get up repeatedly by reaching out on the moving treadmill which wrenched my arm severely. I finished my exercise and started the denial phase. I could not raise my right arm and I am right handed. In late March, I went to my Primary Care Dr for a "routine checkup" and told her of the injury. Within 1 hr, I had an appointment with Dr Miyamoto. When he heard of my injury, he was concerned and agreed to see me right away. That concern was greatly appreciated as I was facing the reality of my situation. Our next visit was discussing the results of the MRI that he ordered. My experience being the Nurse and not the Patient was another adjustment. Dr Miyamoto clearly explained my full thickness tear and said the only way to fix it was surgery and stressed delaying was not in my best interest. I appreciated his explanation and clearly understood his reasoning.

Surgery was scheduled and it was an enlightening experience to be the Patient, not the Nurse. Wearing a sling 24/7 on my dominant arm was frustrating and challenging. Physical Therapy was ordered 4 days after the surgery.  After 2 weeks feeling better, I was ready to go back to normal, no more sling and I should be able to drive. When I told Dr Miyamoto my assessment, he then explained to me the progression of treatment which was quite different than mine. Each follow up office visit, I felt I had his full attention and he truly cared about how I was doing.  The recovery is lengthy and following his treatment plan, I fully recovered from this Surgery. My experience, working with many Doctors, that relationship does not happen as often as it should. The interaction between Doctor and Patient is not taught in Medical School.

It has now been over a year since I had surgery, and I have had a complete recovery with no residual effects. I have full range of motion and have to think what side the surgery was performed.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr Miyamoto for his skills and also for his Patient-Doctor relationship.


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