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  • Stan N

    Stan N

    Dr. Miyamoto did a fantastic job fixing my shoulder. I was exceptionally pleased with the excellent quality of care before, during, and after my surgery, and the outstanding results. Yesterday marked exactly one year from the date of my shoulder surgery. I’m feeling great and pretty much back to normal activity – working out, biking, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

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  • Musty’s story

    Musty’s story

    In 1965 everyone wanted a Mustang, and I was no exception, so I became the original owner of a ’65 Mustang convertible, which my two preschoolers named Musty. He continued to be my daily driver, carpooling to school with my four girls, assorted foster children, and others.

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  • Kat Velkoff

    Kat Velkoff

    I just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I had surgery last August and this is a picture from my pole competition in March. Not only did I win the competition but I also got a great picture of me hanging by the knee I had surgery on. I’m fully recovered and can run about 3 miles now but my lungs give out before my knee does. Thanks for everything!

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  • Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

    Please share with Dr Miyamoto that, after successful knee surgery clean up he performed, I have run 15 5K races this year and won or placed in about half of them. I run 7:30 miles and am 58 years old so these assorted prizes are for my age group.

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  • Nicholas Meadows

    Nicholas Meadows

    My son Nicholas had surgery With Dr Miyamoto in April for his hip labral tear/impingment. I thought he may like to see Nick is doing well to say the least. I have attached a couple recent pics from last weeks soccer game and football game (September).

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  • Shaun Reddy, MS

    Shaun Reddy, MS

    My symptoms included general hip pain following exercise, sharp hip pain during certain hip movements and hip discomfort when sitting for longer than 30 minutes. After learning about the long-term physical implications associated with the condition, I experienced mental anxiety about the health of my hip and my ability to lead the highly active lifestyle that I enjoy.

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  • Katrina Huckerby

    Katrina Huckerby

    Let me start by saying that Dr. Miyamoto is a great doctor. After spending months going to different doctors and sports medicine specialists who did not really seem to understand my situation and incapable of giving me a diagnosis, Dr. Miyamoto sat down and listened to what I had to say and gave me some options about my problem.

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  • Patrick Goulding

    Patrick Goulding

    On April 29th 2010, I was diagnosed with osteochondrosis and osteochondral defects of the left knee, the longest being 3 cm by 2 cm (requiring May 5th, 2010' surgery). And then again, November 18th, 2010'(after 6 months of intense physical therapy/rehabilitation), I was diagnosed with Osteochondrosis and Osteonecrosis of my right knee (requiring 6 weeks of non weight bearing walking/crutches and subsequent June 15th, 2011' surgery.) On the November 2010' injury/diagnosis (to try and see if the lesions would heal themselves, thus avoiding another surgery), I was placed on non-weight bearing walking/crutches to no avail.

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  • Michael Scruggs

    Michael Scruggs

    I cannot recall an exact moment when I knew I had done something wrong to my hip. The pain came one day and wouldn’t go away. It became so bad that I wasn’t able to pitch more than an inning without being in unbearable pain.

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  • Gregory Carroll

    Gregory Carroll

    I couldn't throw or tackle while playing football. I couldn't do simple things such as putting a backpack on or lift anything heavy with just my right arm. I was not able to get a full range of motion of my shoulder and it was painful to even attempt.

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  • Megan Kania

    Megan Kania

    When dancing, I often felt a searing pain within my hip socket, especially when turning out. I initially began to experience such pain ten months prior to my surgery, and it became gradually worse as time passed, interfering with my flexibility and other dancing capabilities.

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  • Jennifer J

    Jennifer J

    My most sincere thank you goes to you for giving me back the quality of life that I most desire. One that is extremely active, almost to a fault. Summer 2008 the pain I had been experiencing in my hip began to worsen. This prompted me to call an orthopedist's I had seen prior for another issue. They scheduled a MRI which showed a labral tear. They recommended cortisone shots. I went through a series of 3 & was given no relief from the pain. As time passed the pain began to truly interfere with my life from vigorous exercise to simply yoga & disruption of my sleep.

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  • Andrew Schifalacqua

    Andrew Schifalacqua

    I first messed up my left knee my sophomore year of football and it seemed like it healed during the offseason, so I continued to play on my left knee my junior year of football and then it 'buckled' on me like it did in the past so that is when the trainer and myself knew something was wrong.

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  • Rachel Husband

    Rachel Husband

    Falling is a part of horseback riding. On July 6th, 2009 I had a not-so-bad fall, landed on my feet, and thought everything was ok. I had a bit of hip pain that evening, but kept on riding. That pain would continue to increase over time, and nearly two years and four different orthopaedics later, no one could tell me why I still had pain.

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  • Melanie Cresson

    Melanie Cresson

    I had a labral tear in my right hip. I had severe pain in my hip joint whenever I did any major physical activity. I am a dancer and have been dancing for nineteen years. I even majored in jazz dance in college so I was very active everyday. Having a labral tear made it very hard for me to take class on a regular basis. I was having constant hip pain whenever I would kick my leg up or do anything involving flexibility.

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  • Brian W

    Brian W

    As a year-round cyclist and ultra endurance mountain bike racer, it was very difficult to deal with an early season collar bone fracture I sustained in a crash. Dr. Miyamoto performed surgery to repair the break using a metal plate, and I couldn't be happier with the results of his care. From the start, he was very attentive and patient with my concerns and questions. I experienced an unrelated setback with my hamstring and he promptly set me up for an MRI to discover the root cause without trial and error. I always felt that his focus was on helping me return to race fitness as soon as possible. As an athlete, I appreciated that most because he understood the investment I'd made in training and did his best to minimize the impact my injury had. My clavicle healed strong and capable, and I've returned fully to the activities I love. I owe a lot to the expertise and compassion of Dr. Miyamoto and his staff and recommend him highly.

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  • Karen Bolt

    In August 2011, after many years of enduring excruciating left hip pain, I was referred to Dr. Miyamoto by a sports medicine physician.  I am a professional photographer with a black belt in Shotokan Karate, so my career and lifestyle require me to be able to move easily and quickly.  Throughout years of pain I had consulted sports medicine physicians and gone through several stints of physical therapy and many series of cortisone shots. Thirty-eight years old at the time, I was now at the end of my rope. Dr. Miyamoto agreed to see me the next day.

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  • P. Jackie Fayle

    As a patient of Dr. Miyamoto, it is with great pleasure that I accepted to participate in the testimonial section of his orthopaedic website.

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  • Sujal


    I am an active individual and I love sports. I play soccer, train Kungfu/Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts), and love weightlifting. Over years, I have been injuries several times. I had repeated ACL tears from landing badly from jump kicks. Although I had ACL reconstructed, the knee did not feel very strong nor felt very stable. It was hard for me to play sports that required sudden bursts of high-intensity movements. I went to Dr. Miyamoto to get my knee examined.

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  • Barbara


    Surgery: Total Shoulder Replacement

    Twelve months post-surgery, and I have just returned from a 3-week trip to Europe! Dr. Miyamoto's excellent surgery replacing my right shoulder has allowed me to return to a normal and pain-free life. Of course, I must add the focused and thorough regimen that the physical therapists designed for me helped get me to my current state of range of motion.

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