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Karen Bolt

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In August 2011, after many years of enduring excruciating left hip pain, I was referred to Dr. Miyamoto by a sports medicine physician.  I am a professional photographer with a black belt in Shotokan Karate, so my career and lifestyle require me to be able to move easily and quickly.  Throughout years of pain I had consulted sports medicine physicians and gone through several stints of physical therapy and many series of cortisone shots. Thirty-eight years old at the time, I was now at the end of my rope. Dr. Miyamoto agreed to see me the next day.

With my current X-rays and MRI in hand, I met with Dr. Miyamoto. He explained that I showed significant hip dysplasia with signs of arthritis. My MRI indicated the anterior-superior labrum was “destroyed,” there was tearing of the posterior labrum, and I had findings impingement.  In summary, the MRI showed my hip was in bad shape. It confirmed the pain I had lived with for years.
Surgery was imminent. Brandy Coldsnow, the personal coordinator, set everything up quickly, She gave me all the information I needed for ice therapy, CPM machine, and physical therapy after surgery. It was all handled efficiently and professionally.  I spoke to Dr. Miyamoto by phone a few days before surgery, and he calmly reassured me and answered all my pending questions.

Surgery was successful; he was able to repair all that the MRI indicated was “destroyed”. Postoperatively, Dr. Miyamoto explained my hip was bone on bone, that I had worn away all the protective cartilage. My relentless burning pain was gone, but I was going to need a full hip replacement by the time I was forty! He promised he was going to watch me carefully and closely throughout the process. I saw him every few weeks and at the eight-month mark, he told me that with such little range of motion, it was time to go forward with replacement surgery.

I contacted a referred orthopedic surgeon whose approach for the hip replacement is minimally invasive.  Dr. Miyamoto had called him directly to explain my case. I was again very well taken care of.

In June 2012, I underwent my second surgery. Dr. Miyamoto took the time to come and check on me in the hospital and review the outcome and my healing.

I can’t express how much my life has changed due to Dr. Miyamoto. He is a patient, approachable surgeon, who truly cares about the well-being of his patients. I never felt rushed or unheard. I hold him in the highest regard and will continue to refer him to patients of all ages. After years of pain, I am now pain-free and owe my newly found mobility to his honesty, skill and assurance.

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