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Patrick Goulding

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Patrick Goulding

On April 29th 2010, I was diagnosed with osteochondrosis and osteochondral defects of the left knee, the longest being 3 cm by 2 cm (requiring May 5th, 2010' surgery). And then again, November 18th, 2010'(after 6 months of intense physical therapy/rehabilitation), I was diagnosed with Osteochondrosis and Osteonecrosis of my right knee (requiring 6 weeks of non weight bearing walking/crutches and subsequent June 15th, 2011' surgery.) On the November 2010' injury/diagnosis (to try and see if the lesions would heal themselves, thus avoiding another surgery), I was placed on non-weight bearing walking/crutches to no avail.

I was having sharp pains in the knees, swelling and extreme stiffness.

Dr. Miyamoto took X-rays, MRI and CT scans (both injuries required surgery). During surgery, a Nerve Block was used both for pain management and anesthesia, cadaver bone with attached cartilage and absorbable screws where also used/needed for stabilization. Post op required an over night stay (for May, 5th, 2010' surgery only), use of "Game Ready" and "CPM" machines where used following both the May, 5th, 2010' and June, 15th, 2011' surgeries, playing a huge part in my recovery. Physical therapy was the biggest contributor to recovery, as Dr. Miyamoto had a very strong/close professional relationship with them. The ladies that helped me rehab were all great people and I still have a strong relationship with them.

I had a great senior lacrosse season at Oakton high school. Now I am off to play college lacrosse at Arizona State University. I didn't know what to expect but I knew I had one of the best doctors that I could ever have.

I greatly appreciate Dr. Miyamoto's skills in and out of the operating room; he is a really cool guy. I truly appreciate the fact that Dr. Miyamoto initially did not want to do surgery on my right knee and try to let it heal naturally by having me use crutches and be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. It was a rough time for both my family and me but Dr. Miyamoto always made it a pleasure to see him and to work with him. He always was good at communicating with us he's a very hands on doctor. He made it possible for me to continue playing the one game that means so very much to me, Lacrosse! Many thanks' Dr. Miyamoto!!!!


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