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Jennifer J

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Jennifer J

Injury: Labral Tear

My most sincere thank you goes to you for giving me back the quality of life that I most desire. One that is extremely active, almost to a fault. Summer 2008 the pain I had been experiencing in my hip began to worsen. This prompted me to call an orthopedist's I had seen prior for another issue. They scheduled a MRI which showed a labral tear. They recommended cortisone shots. I went through a series of 3 & was given no relief from the pain. As time passed the pain began to truly interfere with my life from vigorous exercise to simply yoga & disruption of my sleep.

Fall of 2009 I went for a 2nd opinion which lead to a 3rd opinion from Dr. "M". He ordered a new MRI which also noted the tear. I was amazed at the time he took to explain to me the options he offered for relief. This wasn't just your 10min office visit. He simply took his time to explain, draw pictures & answer my "stupid" questions. A comfort was immediately felt and being a female, bed-side manner is of the utmost importance. But not only was this felt but a true & honest feeling of warmth & sincerity for what I was going through & possibly about to endure was there too.

We scheduled surgery for January 2010. I did absolutely NOTHING. His staff handled every detail from scheduling, insurance authorizations & post-surgery necessities. Couldn't have asked for an easier process.

Dr "M" also recommended therapists that were near where I lived. I was very impressed with his continued communication with the PT's during my rehab. 4 months to the day of surgery I went for a run with my therapist, Michelle. I was little apprehensive going in but WOW, it felt great! 9 months to the day I completed my first International distance triathlon. I've also been hiking, horseback riding, snow skiing, white water rafting (who would've thought your hip would be involved) & just completed a sprint triathlon with the Army Ten Miler next on the list in October.

There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to you for giving my life back.


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