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Stan N

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Stan N

Dr. Miyamoto did a fantastic job fixing my shoulder. I was exceptionally pleased with the excellent quality of care before, during, and after my surgery, and the outstanding results. Yesterday marked exactly one year from the date of my shoulder surgery. I’m feeling great and pretty much back to normal activity – working out, biking, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

I suffered from full-length, full-width tears to three tendons in my right rotator cuff. Before coming to Dr. Miyamoto, I had been to see another surgeon who gave me little hope for recovery, and said he wouldn’t even try to repair the torn tendons. Instead he was just going to attempt to secure the joint with a patch of tissue and hope for the best. This other surgeon also left a lot to be desired in terms of bedside manner. He explained very little about my condition and prognosis, and he spoke more about me to his accompanying resident than he to me about my condition.

So then I went to see Dr. Miyamoto. I felt immediately comfortable. He explained everything to me in layman’s terms and gave me a clear and realistic picture of possible outcomes. He took a lot of time to answer my questions, and I never felt rushed. He wasn’t sure if he could successfully reattach my tendons because of the extent of atrophy, but he agreed to give it a shot. He didn’t over-promise, but he definitely over-delivered. The surgery was a big success. He was able to repair all three tendons and shore up the joint for good measure. Thanks to his skilled work and a patient team of physical therapists, I’m doing great and very happy with the outcome.

If there’s any humble advice that I can offer, it’s this. Be a zealot about doing your physical therapy. It’s critical for recovery. Don’t over do it. Follow your doctor’s and your therapist’s advice and stay within the parameters that they set for you. As long as you’re feeling well enough, don’t skip therapy sessions.

Stan N

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