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Musty’s story

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Musty’s story

In 1965 everyone wanted a Mustang, and I was no exception, so I became the original owner of a ’65 Mustang convertible, which my two preschoolers named Musty. He continued to be my daily driver, carpooling to school with my four girls, assorted foster children, and others. After the girls had grown up and left home, they dubbed him “the middle child & the only boy in the family”; and by then he truly had become a member of the family. After Mustang passed the 40th anniversary, I discovered car shows, which have not only provided a fun social life, but also the discovery that Musty is a bit of an icon in his own right, in that, while there are still some other original owner cars of his vintage, as far as we know, he is the only one who has actually been a daily driver all these years; and while as handsome as ever, he now has over 517,000 miles on his odometer. When Dr. Miyamoto replaced my right shoulder, he told me that I would probably need to go to physical therapy for a year, and even at that, because of my age, I would not regain anything close to total mobility. But at my 3 mo. checkup, I already had total mobility, and he released me from PT, but was obviously a bit stunned. Sometime before my 6 mo. checkup I figured out; Musty has manual steering, so besides my other daily PT, I was getting more every time I drove the car. I guess it goes without saying that there is no way I’m ever going to part with him now.

Thanks for everything, and God bless!


Musty's story

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