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P. Jackie Fayle

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SURGERY: Bilateral Total Shoulder Replacement

As a patient of Dr. Miyamoto, it is with great pleasure that I accepted to participate in the testimonial section of his orthopaedic website.

My problem was arthritis in both of my shoulders.  Dr. Miyamoto performed a total shoulder replacement on my left shoulder in June 2010 and a total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder in August 2011.  The symptoms bothering me before surgery was a great deal of pain in both shoulders.

Dr. Miyamoto explained what he was going to do in as plain a language as possible.  Both operations were a great success.  Everybody was amazed at how well I recovered from both.

Dr. Miyamoto is not only a great doctor but such a nice and attentive man.  He even gave me his cell phone number in case I would need it.  I have recommended him to people who asked me who had operated on my shoulders.  I hope this will be helpful to Dr. Miyamoto because he deserves the best.

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