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Gene M

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Hi Dr. Miyamoto:

I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did fixing my right shoulder torn rotator cuff. After a dozen years of physical therapy, including a few cortisone shots, and pain that kept me from sleeping a full night for over a year, I am now cured. I can play softball and golf again without pain. My softball throws are farther than ever, and my golf drives are also longer, though I haven't yet figured out how to do either straighter. I am sleeping through the night without waking up with shoulder pain.

You helped control the pain and swelling from surgery by prescribing the shoulder harness with computer controlled ice water flow. You gave me great advice to not use the shoulder for weeks, and I fastidiously followed your instructions. I did not try to rush my recovery but followed your schedule. After the surgery in December, followed by your prescribed physical therapy in February through April, I was able to join my softball team in July and finished the season with no problems. We won our league championship in October. I took up golf again in August and suffered no setbacks at all.

I have enthusiastically recommended your expertise to several of my friends in similar circumstances; and, I look forward to having you work on my left shoulder.


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