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Amy Breeding

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Amy Breeding

Labral Tear and Hip Impingement

Beginning in Spring of 2012, I started having constant pain in my right hip during everyday activities from getting out of the car to lifting my leg. After several recommendations, I went to see Dr. Miyamoto who had a good idea of what was wrong after I first described my symptoms. He sent me in for an MRI and a cortisone injection, which confirmed that I did have a torn labrum in my right hip. When the cortisone injection didn't work, I opted for surgery and in November 2012, and Dr. Miyamoto went in to sand down my hip joint, which was causing the tear, and then repair the labral tears.

After a mandatory two weeks on crutches, I was able to walk with no problem, and better yet, no pain. Physical therapy went smoothly as did all of my post-op appointments. Within a month, I was weeks ahead in my recovery than originally expected. Less than two months after surgery, I began running on a treadmill with my physical therapist. Five months after surgery, I ran my first half marathon, the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington DC.

Dr. Miyamoto is an amazing doctor and I'd recommend him to anybody. During every visit from pre to post-op, he always took the time to explain what was happening and what to expect. Even more importantly, he listened to all of my concerns and worked with me to get me back to the level of activity I wanted. I'm extremely happy with the results and have had zero of the previous hip pain since I had surgery.


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