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I injured my shoulder training for MMA. After seeing numerous doctors with no improvement I searched online for someone who specialized in sports related injuries. Dr. Miyamoto stood out and was very knowledgable about my injury from the beginning. After 18 months without being able to workout, he examined my shoulder and explained my treatment options. We decided to avoid surgery and instead he gave me a cortisone shot that relieved my pain and allowed me to get back to training only 3 days later. In addition I've seen him for a groin injury which he helped me to overcome. Thanks to him I am now pain free and preparing for my professional MMA debut.

UPDATE: While training for my professional MMA debut, I injured my shoulder further which required me to have surgery to repair my labrum. Dr. Miyamoto did my surgery in November 2012 which required 5 anchors to repair my shoulder. I had an excellent recovery and was able to return to light workouts with my shoulder only 3 months after surgery. It's now been a little over a year, and although I decided not to continue competing in MMA, I've been able to go back to training full time and have almost regained my pre-surgery strength.I honestly couldn't be happier with the outcome of my surgery.

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