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Barbara Smyth

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Barbara Smyth

I received a reverse shoulder replacement in May and have made a full speedy recovery. Dr. Miyamoto  is my miracle worker and a great surgeon. I first saw him early 2014 with arthritis in my left shoulder. My arm was immobile and painful. I could not do ordinary daily activities if they involved the left arm. And, I was driving with one hand. Surgery was not an option then due to my age (80) and other medical issues. I was in physical therapy and getting cortisone shots every four months but still no improvement. This year Dr. Miyamoto discussed possible surgery as an option. I chose the surgery and have made a remarkable recovery. I have full use of the arm with minor limitation. The physical therapy received after surgery was an important part of my recovery to gain full range of motion.  

From start to finish Dr. Miyamoto discussed everything with me always explaining the options and the expected results. All questions were answered and concerns addressed. I would gladly recommend him to any person with joint problems because I believe he will help them where possible.

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