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Cameo Folz

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Cameo Folz

In October 2010, I ran the Army 10 miler. I experienced a great pain in my knee around mile 8 and had to hop along to the finish. The next day, I could barely walk - I felt like my running days were over.

Being stubborn, I avoided the doctor and just took it easy throughout the winter months but the pain never went away 100%.

After not being able to make it 2 miles without pain, I went to see Dr. Miyamoto in the spring.

In order to accurately diagnose me, he suggested an MRI. I had never had an MRI before, so when the results came in, he showed me my knee and explained everything he saw step-by-step. There was (thankfully) no major damage. I was diagnosed with ITB (iliotibial band syndrome) and slight PFS (patella femoral syndrome) - in English, I had worn down my cartilage and over-worked my knees.

I was fearful of going straight for a cortisone injection, so Dr. Miyamoto suggested physical therapy. He found a therapist in my area and kept on track with my progress at PT. I went through 3 months of therapy and knew I wanted to run the 10 miler again, so I went in for the cortisone shot. With his recommendations and continued therapy, I was able to run the entire 10 miles the following year with NO pain and I shaved 11 minutes off of my total time!

Dr. Miyamoto is very knowledgeable and without his recommendations, I'm sure I would not be back to living my active lifestyle. I intend to run again this year injury-free!




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