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I recently had my 1 year follow-up visit with Dr. Miyamoto. He performed a total left shoulder replacement in October of 2014. I am doing things with my left arm that I was unable to do for quite a while, pain free. I am thankful and amazed.

I was 61 at the time of the operation. I am in law enforcement and lead an active life style. I was truly worried about the end results and if I would be able to continue in my career and life as I wanted. When the pain became too much for me to bare and with a very good recommendation from my neighbor, I went and saw Dr. Miyamoto. He examined me and my MRI and gave me the options. Partial, total replacements, no pressure but very reassuring and a great bedside manner. He gives you as much time as you need and even has a good sense of humor. Amazing for such a talented doc.

Well the surgery came on 10/3/14 at fairoaks hospital, great place and staff. Dr. Miyamoto came in and visited and it was off to sleepy land. I awoke in my room with my arm in a big sling and a pain pump installed in my shoulder. The doc visited me in my room and again prior to my release the next morning. They kept me on pain meds through the night and I do not think it hurt ever again. The worst part was pulling off the tape that held the pain pump tube on for 3 days, I was not happy about that. But everything went smooth, he said my shoulder was worse than the pictures showed, but the surgery went well. 

Well I was using my leaf blower 5 days after the surgery, the doc was not totally happy about that. I had almost stopped using any pain meds within a week and I went into the physical therapy with a desire to get back in the ball game as soon as I could.

I only missed 2 weeks of work, because the doc would not let me go back till he did his 10 day examination. Within the next month I attended p/t regularly and the doc’s handy work held through all the grunts and groans. After feeling great and pain free, I had a 6 week follow-up with Dr. Miyamoto. He checked me out and was very pleased with my progress and agreed to allow me to return to full duty. I had to see the county doctor and after a tuff checkup and exam she said it’s a medical miracle and cleared me for full duty.

I would have had the surgery sooner, if I knew how great it would have turned out.

I have recommended another worker to Dr. Miyamoto. He also had a full replacement and is doing well.
The doc is an excellent surgeon and a great person to deal with. If you are suffering, get it done. (remember results may vary and may not be the same for all patients; see your medical provider for additional details.) A little humor.

My name is Steve and I will gladly speak to you if you have any questions for a satisfied customer.

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